Local November 7, 2014 | 8:23 am

Airline owner slams contractor for ‘abandoned airports’

Santo Domingo.- Airline business leader Jose Miguel Patin on Friday slammed airports management company AERODOM Siglo 21, for what he affirms is a “total abandonment” of the country’s terminals, and accused the contractor of irregularly receiving US$550.0 million from the Senate.

Speaking on Hoy Mismo on Colorvision channel 11, Patin showed videos of purported major damages in hangars of the various airports, and warned that the runway at the domestic airport at Arroyo Barril, Samana, “has such deep ruts that you could be killed if just one tire falls into one.”

Patin, president of the airline Servicios Aereos Profesionales, also accused AERODOM of obtaining US$550.0 million “irregularly,” but didn’t specify by which mechanism.

“Aerodom received 550 million dollars irregularly from the Senate, but no one speaks about that,” Patin said, accompanied by his company’s attorney, Geronimo Pérez.

Hobbled investments

Patin also warned the government over what he affirms is the lack of investments in the country’s civil aviation sector, and complained that the lack of policies aimed at its development is stoked by the fact that “no one dares to put their money in aviation because of the inherent risks.”

Dominican Today has reached out to Aerodom PR Yolanda Mañan at Las Americans International Airport, and we are expecting a statement.

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