Local November 7, 2014 | 8:02 am

Embezzlement case against embattled senator goes to Supreme Court

Santo Domingo.- Supreme Court chief justice Mariano Germán will preside over the hearing on the Justice Ministry’s challenge against Special Instruction judge Frank Soto, who until yesterday presided over the proceedings on the request to waiver the liens of assets of the realtor Rofi SRI, allegedly owned by senator Felix Bautista.

Although German declined to provide further specifics on what occurred in yesterday’s hearing where was challenged Soto, said tersely, "I could chair the plenary," in reference to the subsequent hearing in the embezzlement case against Bautista, close collaborator of former president Leonel Fernandez

Germán made the announcement during the induction of 800 new employees high court workers who entered the Civil Service Career, held at the Santo Domingo State University UASD.

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