Local November 12, 2014 | 9:45 am

Civil society rebukes Constitutional Court’s controversial ruling

Santo Domingo.- Several civil society organizations voiced strong rebuke for the ruling by Dominican Republic’s Constitutional Court, which struck down the Inter-American Human Rights Court’s (IACHR) jurisdiction as unconstitutional.

They call the rejection of the (IACHR) sentence, an institutional and legal backlash that harms the progressive and irreversible nature of human rights.

"We demand that the Dominican State ratifiy its commitment to human rights and its voluntary agreements with the international community in this field, by remaining within the Inter-American human rights system and the mechanisms," the organizations said in a press conference.

"We view with alarm how the Constitutional Court’s rulings again violate the Dominican Constitution whose essential mission is to protect,” the activists said, adding that “the elementary ignorance of principles of international law and its own jurisprudence are also cause for concern."

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