Local November 15, 2014 | 9:48 am

Aspiring senator says half the population in Pedernales is Haitian

Santo Domingo.– Aspiring Senator for the opposition party PRD (Pedernales) Dr. Jose Fernando Perez Volquez said that half of the inhabitants of Pedernales (southwest) are Haitian, so he suggested the authorities to take the necessary measures to control the Dominican-Haitian border.

"This is a real situation and is taking place because there is no effective control on the Dominican-Haitian border," said Perez Volquez.

The Dominican College of Lawyers former president, interviewed on the TV program "Tras las Huellas", found hard to believe that a province that used to be tightly controlled by late Joaquin Balaguer’s governments, the current authorities cannot control the border area.

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