Local November 17, 2014 | 8:20 am

Carrier again slams Dominican airports contractor on ‘irregular’ US$550.0M(Correct)

Santo Domingo.- Airline operator Jose Miguel Patin on Monday insisted on slamming the Dominican airports management company Aerodom Siglo 21, one week after denouncing the “irregular” use of US$550.0 million provided through Congress.

He said since its arrival to the country Aerodom has mistreated the local carries with what he affirms is a contract with provisions that violate the Constitution. “Since 2002 the new owners (Aerodom) have mistreated all people in the airports under their contract, if you don’t sign their contract we are banned entry.”

He said the contractor has raised the fees on his two companies, Aerolineas Santo Domingo and Servicios Aereos Profesionales (SAP), despite that he owns the hangars where they operate. “They increased to what i pay for my own hangar to 200,000 pesos since 2012 and from 1,800 dollars to 4,500 dollars illegally.”

The contract

Patin’s attorney Manuel Fermin Cabral said despite his client’s reiterated denouncement Aerodom places hurdles on operations of airlines. “They take retaliatory actions.”

Patin, who made similar allegations last week, showed photos purportedly of the dismal conditions of the hangars under Aerodom’s contract.


For SAP’s lawyer Geronimo Perez, Aerdom’s allegedly higher fees on all services, is an “insatiable thirst to enrich themselves constantly.”

“Their contract violates free enterprise and abuse their power by forcing us to pay those fees,” he said, and announced that they’ll file charges against Aerodom

Patin, speaking on Telesistema Channel 11 with Huchi Lora, said Aerodom has to explain the use of US$550.0 million obtained through Congress, and affirmed that its parent company has been stripped of the contract to run airports in Mexico.

Last week Dominican Today reached to Aerodom for a statement, but have yet to receive a response.

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