Local November 18, 2014 | 11:11 am

Most controversial case heads for more delays

Santo Domingo.- The Justice Ministry on Tuesday asked special Supreme Court judge Frank Soto to order senator Felix Bautista disclose his authorization to represent the real estate company Rofi in which the legislator is a shareholder and third party acquirer.

Assistant prosecutor Carlos Castillo and Anticorruption Unit deputy director Pelagio Alcantara claimed that Bautista isn’t authorized to request, on behalf of Rofi, the lifting the liens on that company’s assets.

But the senator’s attorneys Juan A. Delgado, Marino Feliz, Ramon E. Núñez and Pedro Balbuena argue that Bautista is the target of the investigation, and not Rofi.

The judge ruled that the court will hand down a ruling on the motions from both sides, when he decides on the request to lift the liens placed on Rofi’s assets.

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