Local November 24, 2014 | 4:39 pm

Threat to punish scofflaw Dominican government officials a ‘bluff’

Santo Domingo.- The Accounts Chamber’s deadline for recently designated and outgoing government officials expired today Monday, when just 19 of a total 110 public servants have complied with Law 311-14.

Accounts Chamber president Licelot Marte made the announcement, and warned that the law calls for the firing of public servants who fail to meet that deadline.

She said all financial statements received as of today will be refered to the Justice Ministry for appropriate action.

Marte official spoke during a meeting with National Treasurer Alberto Perdomo, who received 39 boxes with 8,268 statements filed since 2000.


Despite the announcement of penalties, Dominican society is used to the Accounts Chamber’s bluffs and with scofflaws designated in top government posts, for which it doesn’t expect Danilo Medina administration to keep its word on punishing corrupt senior officials.

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