Local November 27, 2014 | 7:31 am

Society must unmask Dominican Republic’s corrupt: US envoy

Santo Domingo.- US ambassador James W. Brewster on Wednesday urged the business sector to deal with the fundamental issues the country needs to improve, including electricity, education, public safety, competitiveness and fight corruption and bribery, and to dare to publicly name those kind of people.

The diplomat said Dominican Republic is going through one of its most crucial moments in its history and stressed Washington’s commitment to prosecute extortion and crime.

Brewster affirmed that he knows of people who’re erecting barriers to free trade, "people who’re asking to say good things, and if I were you, I’d point them out publicly,” said the diplomat in response to a question after his speech at the American Chamber of Commerce’s (AmchamDR) traditional Thanksgiving Day luncheon held at the Hotel Embajador.

He said it’s no longer acceptable to remain silent under these circumstances, citing is a Corrupt Practices Act Abroad, which strikes fear among entrepreneurs who are considering paying a bribe or illegal transactions, noting that responsibility isn’t just the government’s, but of everyone, to in that manner change the culture of how to do business.

In his speech: "It’s time for the global transition. Are you ready,?” the diplomat said no one can afford to stand on the sidelines waiting for changes to occur. "Demand more of your government, and of yourself, to create conditions that allow Dominican industries can compete internationally and for society to prosper."

"We are in a time of global transition but the transition can be positive or devastating," said the diplomat also refer to the impact of climate change.

The diplomat urged business leaders and prominent members of society to engage with legislators, demand reforms and contribute to be part of the solution.

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