Local November 28, 2014 | 7:58 am

Heads of failed bank fled despite law enforcement’s knowledge

Santo Domingo.- Intelligence agencies were tipped off that 11companies were being used by the failed Peravia bank to siphon funds abroad and to other businesses run by José Luis Santoro and Gabriel Arturo Jimenez Aray, who fled the country once the Banks Superintendence halted its transactions.

The companies also allegedly embezzled money in Panama, the U.S. and Curacao.

Quoted by elnacional.com.do, Peravia bank customer Juan Carlos Gomez said he informed the various law enforcement agencies about the companies Murviel Dominicana, Aerolíneas Ejecutivas de América, Constructora J&K, Murviel Trading, Aja Beach Club, Peravia Group, Construcciones Cohombral, Save Just Buy Import SJBI, Caribbean Of Senses CARSEN, Laboratorio Universal and Murvielo Capital Trading.

The companies were allegedly used to siphon funds under the name of Santoro’s wife María Cristina Martiradona, who also fled the country. Santoro allegedly used two passports, one Venezuelan and the other Italian.

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