Local December 1, 2014 | 7:52 am

Dominican Justice to seek 12 years in priest’s pedophilia case

Warsaw, Poland.- Justice minister Francisco Dominguez flew to Poland Saturday to meet with judicial officials in that country, in the case against Catholic priest Wojciech Waldemar Gil (Padre Alberto), for alleged sexual abuse of at least five Dominican boys, while head of the parish at the highland town of Juncalito Santiago province (central).

Dominguez met with the attorneys assigned to represent the minors, in a meeting in which Santiago district prosecutor Luisa Liranzo also took part.

The official stressed the case’s impact throughout Dominican society and especially Juncalito’s inhabitants. "These children have suffered in a painful manner, and the events’ psychological impact on them has been very strong, which has resulted in the Justice Ministry’s direct support to them, to the families and the people of Juncalito. It’s an occurrence that has marked us all very painfully."

Dominguez said the victims’ legal representatives will receive all needed support from authorities to get the maximum sentence under Polish law, which could be as high as 12 years in prison.

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