Local December 1, 2014 | 10:19 am

Pretrial detention sought in RD$50.0M pension fund theft

Santo Domingo.- The National District Office of the Prosecutor, through the Intellectual Property and High Tech Crimes departments, requested pretrial detention against Moises Rigoberto Peña, charged with stealing RD$50.0 million from the Construction Workers Pension Fund (FOPETCONS).

FOPETCONS had filed the charges on November 13, when they uncovered been five bank transfers of 10 million pesos each, from its account in the Reservas Bank to another under the name of the accused, in the same bank.

Assistant DA Luis González said information provided by Reservas led to the detection of the fraudulent transfers were because at no time are transactions of that magnitude were authorized and there was no link between FOPETCONS and Peña.

Among the prosecution’s evidence against the accused figure bank security camera images showing the withdrawal, and the high tech equipment allegedly used in the crime.

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