Local December 2, 2014 | 7:54 am

Prosecution appeals ruling lifts liens on embattled senator’s properties

Santo Domingo.- The Justice Ministry on Monday appealed Special Supreme Court Instruction judge Frank Soto’s ruling which lifts the liens blocking transactions on 112 real estate properties of the company Inmobiliaria Rofi, SRL, whose main shareholder is senator Felix Bautista.

In a 72-page motion, Justice minister Francisco Dominguez asked the high Court’s 2nd Chamber to overturn the entire resolution 4012-2014, handed down by Soto on November 18.

The official also asked to maintain the liens on the properties, which are part of the probe into alleged embezzlement case against Bautista.

Soto’s ruling states that "the petitioner’s (Bautista’s) property rights have been violated without proper legal authorization."

Dominguez affirms that the ruling contains violations of the Constitution, due process, and rules of procedure in the Criminal Code. “The judge in question based the alleged infringement of property rights on a value judgment without establishing on what consisted the unsubstantiated alleged infringement."

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