Local December 12, 2014 | 9:59 am

Haiti envoy ‘mocks’ Dominicans: Deputy

Santo Domingo.- A deputy of the FNP conservative party on Thursday slammed Haiti envoy Fritz Cineas’ criticism of Dominican Republic’s Foreigner Regularization Plan, which benefits mostly undocumented Haitians.

Vinicio Castillo said the criticism forms part of the pressure from Port-au-Prince to extend the Plan and halt deportations of of its documented citizens, "and therewith further facilitate the invasion of illegals across the border.”

"Ambassador Cineas’ statements are a mockery of the Dominican people; it is Haiti which has denied papers to its citizens, they want all Haitians regularized, including those who are invading us today, without having to provide any proof that they’ve been in our territory.”

The lawmaker said Haiti’s strategy is to create the atmosphere of pressure on the Dominican government to extend the Plan and halt deportations as Executive Order 327 stipulates “and let continue the mass invasion across the border."

Castillo urged the Foreign Ministry’s strong response on Cineas’ "audacity and gross interference in our internal affairs.”

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