Local December 16, 2014 | 12:41 pm

A woman can’t be forced to have her rapist’s child: Radical priest

Santo Domingo.- "Under no circumstance" can a woman be compelled to have her rapist’s child was the response by radical priest Rogelio Cruz on Tuesday when asked about abortion if the mother’s life is at risk, the result of incest or if there’s an unviable fetus.

He said it’s an issue of health rather than religion.

"It’s not just pain, but the pain they experience precisely because the life of a human being was cut short and being cut short, it was precisely the product of a rape, no words can console, there are no words to accompany (a woman)," the priest said, noting that though it sounds extreme, only the woman can make that decision.

Interviewed on NCDN, channel 37, Cruz said that as a church, what it opposes is a push to create a culture of abortion where a woman, in whatever situation looks to resort to that practice.

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