Local December 17, 2014 | 10:59 am

Norm allows temporary entry of goods tax-free: Customs

Santo Domingo.- The Customs Agency on Tuesday announced that on a temporary admission procedure without transformation is now in effect, and allows goods to enter Dominican Customs Territory regulated with total or partial suspension of import duties and taxes when used for a specific purpose, which may be re-exported within the period specified by the institution.

In an emailed statement, Custom said Norm 01-2014 states that there cannot be modifications on the goods destined for those purposes, except those that occur as a result of normal depreciation resulting from use. “The goods benefiting from this formula must be re-exported before the deadline issued by Customs.

It said the provision detailing the goods that qualify for the formula will be applied on items such as professional equipment, including print and TV, computer hardware and software, equipment and tools for broadcasting and film production.

Items used in scenery, costumes, displays or exhibits at fairs, conferences, seminars and workshops also qualify. “We can accommodate to this regime vehicles, equipment and supplies for sports, vehicles of foreign citizens visiting the country as tourists and foreign students and national athletes.

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