Local December 18, 2014 | 11:12 am

Immigrants announce push to boot Haiti’s envoy

Santo Domingo.- Several organizations of Haitian immigrants in the Dominican Republic on Thursday announced push through social networks and a signatures campaign to demand the resignation of Fritz Cineas, Haiti ambassador in Santo Domingo.

Organizations spokesman Ruddy Joseph said they made the decision because in their view Haiti’s envoy doesn’t represent them.

He said Haitian immigrants have been left to their lot because the authorities which should represent them, don’t.

"We believe that Fritz Cineas has long ceased to play his part, since the ambassador should’ve shored up the program to identify and document Haitian immigrants (PIDIH) months ago, we see that Haitians in the country find it increasingly harder to get their documents,” he said.

The group of foreigners gathered at the Plaza of the Immigrant Thursday morning , to mark International Day of the Migrant.

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