Local December 20, 2014 | 11:36 am

Doctors confirm Santiago patient tests negative for Ebola virus

Santiago, DR.– The director of primary care center "Juan XXIII", in southern Santiago, said there are no signs of Ebola virus in a patient who had been admitted days ago with symptoms similar to the disease.

Dr. Arisnachi Gomez Diaz confirmed that the State health center admitted a 32-year-old man with dehydration and fever, but not with symptoms of Ebola, as rumored in some media in Dominican Republics’s northern region.

"The patient traveled to Africa in May, then to Equatorial Guinea, not New Guinea. The two countries are far from each other," said Dr. Gomez.

According to the physician, the young man will be discharged from the primary care center between Saturday 20 and Tuesday 23 December.

He added that the case was immediately reported to the Public Health Ministry’s Epidemiology Department in Santo Domingo.

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