Local December 23, 2014 | 8:59 am

National District prosecutor explains why DR did not cooperate with Poland

Santo Domingo.– National District prosecutor Yeni Berenice Reynoso on Monday explained the reasons via Twitter why the Dominican judicial authorities have not cooperated with Poland in the case of former Vatican envoy Józef Wesolowski, who faces trial before a Vatican tribunal on sex-abuse charges.

"The Dominican Republic did not cooperate with Poland in the #Weselowski (sic) case for the simple reason that the Vatican did not waive the privilege granted by the Vienna Convention to try former nuncio and, as everyone knows, no one can be tried twice for the same crime," said the prosecutor on her Twitter account.

She added: "Furthermore, if the Vatican had halted, it was wrong that the Dominican Republic halted its fair competition in favor of Poland."

Reynoso’s statement isa response to a report released by a Polish internet portal, which pointed out that Poland’s judicial authorities suspended the pedophilia case against the formernuncio, after claiming they had not received enough judiciary cooperation fromDominican authorities.

Poland had begun its own criminal proceedings against Wesolowski, but a prosecutor in Warsaw said he had decided not to pursue a criminal case against the former Vatican diplomat due to the lack of information from the Dominican Republic.

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