Local December 27, 2014 | 11:53 am

Brothers Omar and Cesar Lopez shot dead by police

Santo Domingo.– Brothers Omar and Cesar Alejandro Lopez Mendez, of Moca, were shot dead Saturday morning during a shootout with police officers in Pedro Brand, 20 kilometers north of the capital.

According to Police spokesman Jacobo Mateo, the incident occurred around 9:30 am after an intense search that began at 5:00 am, when police surrounded the house where they were hiding.

An agent said the Lopez brothers were holding two women and two children hostage who could leave the house when the shooting began. Mateo said Omar and Cesar faced agents with an M16 assault rifle and a Glock pistol.

Omar and Cesar Lopez Mendez were accused of seriously injuring four police officers in a shootout in a parking lot in the residential area Los Alamos, Santiago.

The Twitter account of Dominican Republic’s National Police today released photos of the vehicle the criminals used to move undetected. The brothers pretended to be public car drivers (concho) of the route that runs between kilometers 22 and 28 of the Duarte Highway.

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