Local April 22, 2014 | 7:55 am

Dominican agencies probe TelexFree ‘ponzi scheme’

Santo Domingo.- Several agencies probe the whereabouts of tens of millions of pesos allegedly scammed from Dominicans by the TelexFree ponzi scheme as well as the identity of its owners.

Justice Ministry anti-money laundering unit director Germán Miranda said the Office Prosecutor and the financial authorities will meet Wednesday morning to coordinate the investigation and possible confiscation of properties.

He said the National District Prosecutor and the Securities Superintendence will seek to identify TelexFree’s intermediaries and promoters, noting that the whereabouts of the millions swindled from investors is their main target.

Miranda said regarding the foreigners affected, they’ll request the collaboration of U.S authorities to determine what happened with the money.

He said although TelexFree’s offices in the country have been identified, but the whereabouts of the money in the scheme is what’s most important for now. "The problem now is to determine where the capitals have gone."

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