Local January 2, 2015 | 8:07 am

Protestant leader rails against corruption, gays, drug traffickers

Santo Domingo.- Senior Protestant prelate Ezequiel Molina on Thursday railed against government corruption, the LGBT community and drug traffickers, noting that five or six “privileged groups” split as much as 90 percent of the nation’s budget among themselves.

In the traditional sermon Battle of the Faith held every January 1, Molina said by taking advantage of legal loopholes the privileged groups “pillage” the treasury, which he affirms leads to hunger and poverty in the rest of the Dominican Republic’s citizens.

Molina said corruption, social decay, contract killings, abuse of power and lack of ethics have hurled Dominican Republic into a state of emergency. is reaching its limits in contempt for morals.

Speaking to thousands of evangelical Christians at the Olympic Stadium, the pastor criticized Congress’ failure to criminalize abortions. "The nation of God" is opposed to any type of abortion.”

Gay marriage rebuke

Molina slammed lesbian and gay couples, since in his view sex between two men and between two women is “perversion.”

During his speech, the prelate suffered a slight swoon, for which he blamed, “the Devil, who doesn’t want me to finish.”

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