Local January 7, 2015 | 10:56 am

Dominican Evangelists slam same-sex marriage

Santo Domingo.- The head of Dominican Republic’s Evangelical Unity Council on Wednesday asked the Foreign Affairs Ministry not to authorize same-sex marriages at the British Consulate or of other countries, since they violate the Constitution.

The religious leader called the recent interest by LGBT foreigners to wed in Domnican Republic,"gay nuptial tourism."

Fidel Lorenzo Merán said the fact that the territory of a foreign embassy is inviolable, the Vienna Convention clearly states that it must comply with the host country’s laws.

He said Vienna Convention Article 41 states: "Without prejudice to their privileges and immunities, all persons enjoying such privileges and immunities must respect the laws and regulations of the receiving State. They are also obliged not to interfere in the internal affairs of that State."

“In other words, diplomats and all foreign embassy staff are obliged to respect our country laws and Constitution,” the religious leader said.

"Apparently the interests of gay minorities supported by governments, NGOs and international multilateral organizations in their efforts to hold the first marriage between persons of the same sex in the country have chosen a new scenario: the consulates of countries like the UK where their legislation allows such unions," Meran said.

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