Local January 7, 2015 | 12:07 pm

Names revealed in 1,200K cocaine ‘vanished’ by Police

Santo Domingo.- Police Narcotics Div. (Dican) officials and two assistant DAs investigated in the case of the “vanished” 1,200 kilos of cocaine seized in raids in Santo Domingo East had RD$103 million and US$100,000 (totaling received more than RD$107.0 million) from the drug’s owners, elnacional.com.do reports.

It said a source close to the investigation confirmed that one of those involved in the alleged theft, deposited the money in a bank in varying amounts: RD$53.0 million, another for RD$50.0 million and the latter US$100,000.

The investigation headed by Ivan Lorenzo began in September but was kept hidden until December 29 when Nacional broke the scandal. “Most of the money however is still in the bank, for which the authorities try to freeze the account on a bench warrant.”

The source also confirmed that one of the officers involved had returned RD$1.0 million in cash and a late model SUV.

In what it calls the "Dicanazo" (Dican-gate) case, the outlet reports that Assistant DAs Maximo Diaz and Leonidas Suarez are being investigated, while one of them is accused of owning an apartment complex being built in the Isabelita sector, Santo Domingo.

It said two lieutenants and a sergeant have been interrogated, while the senior officers have yet to be questioned.

It was also reported that a TV “megadiva” had been given a BMW X-6 SUV and an apartment, allegedly purchased with money from the drug. It said investigators had requested an arrest warrant against the woman Wednesday morning.

Questioned thus far have been sergeants Antolin de los Santos, Agapito Almánzar Mena and Pedro José Almánzar, the private Rainier Garcia and others not identified by the source.

US Embassy

US ambassador James Brewster had a special interest in the case and had days before the complaint visited the National Police chief Manuel Castro to discuss "Dican-gate," and did the same with Justice minister Francisco Domínguez on Tuesday.

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