Local January 12, 2015 | 2:57 pm

Dominican authorities ‘calm, mature’ during incident in Haiti

Santo Domingo.- Presidency legal advisor Cesar Pina on Monday defended the government’s response to last week’s attack on the Dominican Consulate in the Haitian town of Anse-à-Pitre, where Haitians allegedly pelted it with stones and prompted a security lockdown.

The official said Dominican authorities reacted correctly and calmly, preserving an environment to continue to bolster ties with the neighboring country. "I think Dominican authority acted with supreme serenity, maturity, and I think it was right at that moment."

The official spoke after the Dominican Republic and the United States signed new extradition treaty that takes effect today.

The same day the incident occurred on January 2, when Haitian groups forced consulate staff to remain shuttered during several hours, the government issued a diplomatic note alerting the Haitian authorities on the situation and requested a heightened police presence to guarantee security at the Dominican mission.

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