Local January 16, 2015 | 5:28 pm

All agents in precinct arrested as pusher’s video goes viral

Santo Domingo.- National Drug Control (DNCD) president Julio César Souffront on Friday ordered the arrest and suspension of the entire prescient at Hato Mayor (east), where they were immediately replaced by new staff.

The announcement by DNCD spokesman Dario Medrano comes after admitted drug pusher Crisania Soriano revealed having paid "tolls’ to National Police and DNCD official, to let her sell drugs.

The group detained for questioning is headed by Police Maj. Ornaco Santos, who was the DNCD director in Hato Mayor province while the agents are being held at Agency headquarters.

Souffront asked the public to maintain confidence in the DNCD and its work in neighborhoods, towns and cities, noting that no DNCD agent will be allowed to commit crimes in their functions.

He said Soriano is at her residence in Hato Mayor and is part of the investigation, and that she has a prior arrest for drug possession.

In a video that went viral on social networks, Soriano says she paid thousands of pesos each month to DNCD and Police agents, and allegedly coerced her into selling drugs.

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