Local January 16, 2015 | 8:33 am

Police stolen drug case: Accused face 1 year pretrial detention

Santo Domingo,- Deputy prosecutors charged in the Police Narcotics Div. (Dican) drugs case obtained bench warrants fraudulently, to search the house where they stole the 950 kilos of cocaine, says the indictment unsealed Thursday.

The justice ministry requested pretrial detention for deputy prosecutors Máximo Antonio Díaz Ogando and Ramón Augusto Veras Castro, accused of conducting the raid on behalf of the also assistant prosecutor Leonidas Suarez, who signed the search warrant and executed it without consent .

Santo Domingo province Criminal Chamber judge Wendy Martinez will rule on the prosecution’s request on Friday, when two assistant prosecutors and seven Police officers, including two colonels face up to one year pretrial detention.

Judge Wendy Martinez is scheduled to hand down the ruling on the prosecution’s request at 9am Friday, and includes Dican director Col. Carlos Fernández Valerio and chief operating officer Lt. Col. Feliz Humberto Paulino López.

The request also includes Maj. Luciano Gómez Cabrera, Maj. Carlos Reinoso Amézquita; 1st Lt. Barbarian Torrez Beltran, Corp. Agapito Muñoz Evangelista, Private Raidirys García Miranda and Sgt. Pedro González Almánzar.

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