Local January 19, 2015 | 10:09 am

Military, police officials thrive on Haitian smuggling: Diario Libre

Dajabon, Dominican Republic.- Jesuit Border Solidarity Program (SF) executive director Regino Martinez on Sunday said the failure to resolve the situation of undocumented Haitians costs the State more than RD$7.3 billion annually and affirmed that the that business moves Haitian benefits military and police officials and even moto-taxi drivers, some of whom even own farms.

“Everyone knows that the movement of illegal Haitians is a sweet deal, which starts with money distributed right as they pass the gate and ends at the checkpoints," said Martinez, quoted by diariolibre.com.

The prelate said the law is violated not only with the regularization of foreigners, but also the Constitution. "What can you expect below, other than disorder, chaos and anarchy, when here the President just listens to Vincho (Ethics Director Marino V. Castillo)and the president of the Central Electoral Board (Roberto Rosario), who does what he wants," Martinez said.

He said since many years ago Haitian laborers account for 90% of the workforce in banana plantations and farms, and over 85% in construction.

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