Local January 19, 2015 | 1:01 pm

Navy’s Operation Amphibious Shield aims to fight crimes

Santo Domingo.- Navy commander Edmundo Félix on Sunday announced "Operation Amphibious Shield," with three ships and two intercept speedboats paroling the south and north coasts.

He said Amphibious Shield forms part of the Navy’s effort to fight drug trafficking, gun smuggling and contraband, the depredation of natural, marine and land resources, poaching, llegal crossings, among other crimes.

The official said the Dominican Coast Guard ship Canopus and the speedboats Polaris and Dubje were sent to the South Zone, while the patrols Capotillo and the Procyon were sent to the North zone.


The official also announced the arrest of 14 people over the weekend: six Dominicans and eight Haitians.

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