Local January 20, 2015 | 8:32 am

1,000k drug-theft ‘most scandalous’ case rocks society

Santo Domingo.- The Police Narcotics Div. (Dican) drug-theft scandal has not only stunned law enforcement but all of society, surprised at seeing how the case reveals just how far corruption has permeated investigation agencies.

As the details about the case come to light the population’s distrust of antinarcotics agencies rises and so does the perception that organized crime easily permeates them.

Both Dican and its original structure, and the National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) have a history of complicity and participation of its members in drug trafficking, mainly shakedowns and tipping off traffickers.

The case has now become the most scandalous because it involves the very senior officials who should confront drug trafficking.

National Police chief Manuel Castro on Monday promised to purge the "evils" from that institution, referring to the scandal which involves nine police officials and two prosecutors thus far, while the DNCD announced "routine" changes in various departments.

Several officers involved in the Dican case had served in the DNCD, where they were removed for various reasons.

The highest-ranked officer indicted thus far is Dican director Col. Carlos Fernández Valerio.

"This action fills us with pain and we’ve proceeded responsibly and transparently. For this and in all cases that may arise, we’ll be strong in the fight against corruption, in the fight against internal and external crime, "Castro said.

He added that he’ll cooperate fully with the Justice Ministry’s probe, noting that the Police does its part against police officers involved in the shakedown of the nearly 1,000 kilos of cocaine.

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