Local January 20, 2015 | 12:36 pm

Dominican Republic, US boost military cooperation to fight crime

Santo Domingo .- Dominican Republic and the United States on Tuesday agreed to expand military cooperation, with American personnel temporarily present for training, joint exercises, humanitarian aid and other operations including the war on transnational crimes.

Foreign minister Andrés Navarro and US ambassador James W. Brewster signed the agreement in a ceremony attended by Defense minister Lt. Gen. William Muñoz and US Southern Command chief, Gen. John Kelly.

Navarro said the agreement provides facilities on visits, training, exercises and other activities to US staff and contractors temporarily in the Dominican Republic, as well as the means to achieve common objectives and interests.

"The Dominican Government recognizes the value of the US Government’s work through the US Southern Command in the arduous task of fighting drug trafficking, security operations, intelligence and support of similar initiatives in the Dominican Republic and our region, which shows, once again, the bonds of friendship between the two countries," Navarro said.

The official noted that the Dominican Defense Ministry and the US Dept. of Defense routinely participate in training activities, exercises and exchanges, to improving capabilities to fight transnational crime, as well as humanitarian missions to assist the population.

The agreement stipulates that Dominican Republic will provide US personnel the facilities and guarantees to successfully perform their task “in the spirit of cooperation that prevails between the two nations.”

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