Local January 20, 2015 | 11:02 am

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Lawmaker slams energy pact leaders as ‘failed’ protagonists

Santo Domingo.- The conservative party (FNP) deputy Vinicio Castillo on Monday railed against alleged plans to privatize that State-owned hydroelectric dams, coal plants, power lines and distributors, using the Electricity Pact launched yesterday.

"It’s inconceivable that the team which conducted the privatization of the State-owned companies (CREP) headed by Antonio Isa Conde, now heads the Electrical Pact today,” the lawmaker said.

He said the first serious reflection of the national dialogue should be on the model that privatized the Utility in 1998,” which failed almost 20 years after implemented."

“Seventeen years later we see that the deficit, far from disappearing, increased dramatically to 1.2 billion dollars per year, "said Castillo, noting that the distributors were also a failure. “Everyone remembers Union Fenosa and the terrible scandals of fraud against the State until renationalized in 2003.”

"How is it possible that the same principals that failed process are those who lead the Electricity Pact today?"

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