Local January 22, 2015 | 8:44 am

Fix on main to halt water to most of Greater Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo.- Santo Domingo’s Water Utility (CAASD) on Wednesday announced that 120 sectors will not be supplied water as it fixes a "great magnitude" break on a main.

It said repairs of the Valdesia System will last five days during which sectors of the National District and Santo Domingo Oeste will be affected.

CAASD Operations director Luis Salcedo said the breakage to be repaired is located at the San Benito sector, Santo Domingo Oeste. "Over 120 sectors will feel some level of deficiency in piped water due to low pressure to be recorded in the grid, since the flow from Valdesia’s aqueduct will be cut by 40 percent, of 60 million gallons of water daily."

He said the 12-inch steel main, from Valdesia’s 67-inch line, had been scheduled for repairs for several months.

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