Local January 22, 2015 | 9:03 am

RD$179.0M in ‘irregularities’ at La Vega: Audit

Santo Domingo.- An Accounts Chamber (CCRD) audit of La Vega’s City Council from 2010 to 2012 revealed budget irregularities of RD$179.0 million, for which it sent the report to the Justice Ministry’s Anticorruption Dept. (Pepca).

The Chamber says the audit on the tenure of mayor Alexander Pérez established that his administration conducted unsupported bank transactions of more than RD$34.0 million.

It said the City Council also distributed more than RD$55.0 million of revenue "improperly," spent more than RD$ 2.0 million for Carnaval and other activities without support documents and more than RD$20.0 million in inadequate shopping procedures.

"Other inconsistencies observed in the management of public funds by the City of La Vega figure disbursements of over five million pesos without evidence of contract, a 1.2 million peso payment to employees relatives of the mayor and a 1.6 million peso contract for a truck by a legal entity linked to city officials," the Chamber said in a statement.

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