Local January 22, 2015 | 1:30 pm

Stolen drug case: Accused to high-security prison on safety concern

Santo Domingo.- The Justice Ministry on Thursday asked the Santo Domingo Criminal Chamber to transfer the accused in the case of the stolen drugs at the Police Narcotics Div. (Dican) to the high-security prison at Najayo, on concern for their safety.

Justice Ministry spokesperson Tessie Sánchez said they await judge Wendy Martinez to authorize the transfer, citing a lack of security at La Victoria Penitentiary.

Deputy prosecutors Máximo Antonio Díaz and Ramón Augusto Veras, as well as Col. Fernández Valerio, Lt. Col. Félix Humberto Paulino, Maj. Luciano Gómez, 1st Lt. Balbaro Torres, and enlistees Agapito Muñoz, Pedro J. Almánzar and Antolin de los Santos where sent to La Victoria to one year of pretrial detention.

Sanchez said because the detainees are prosecutors and police who’ve worked in various criminal cases at risk in the facility, where some of the convicts might be serving time.

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