Local January 24, 2015 | 9:24 am

Major opposition party still struggles for reunification

Santo Domingo.– It seems that there is still a flame of hope to rebuild the internal situation in the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), and yet we see how their members try to get an understanding that will lead to a reconciliation between the leaders who left that organization and those who remain.

As the weekend starts, a few initiatives have emerged aimed at reunifying the main opposition party with favorable reactions from the PRD top leadership for this to occur.

Minority opposition PRSD party president Hatuey Decamps said Friday he intends to achieve the restructuring of the PRD to deal with the opposition for the 2016 elections. Decamps met with former Dominican president Hipolito Mejia and announced that he will also meet with Luis Abinader and Miguel Vargas Maldonado.

According to El Nuevo Diario, PRD president Miguel Vargas said Friday that the political entity opened its doors to all kind of alliances, agreements and understandings involving all sectors of Dominican society.

Political leader Francisco Antonio Peña Guaba announced his resignation as a member of the newly formed Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), an organization that emerged as a result of internal conflict that shook the PRD.

Peña Guaba, son of Jose Francisco Peña Gomez, late leader of the PRD, announced his resignation in a two-page letter sent to the party’s Executive Committee as well as to Hipolito Mejia and Luis Abinader, both presidential candidates for that political entity.

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