Local January 27, 2015 | 9:56 am

Tourism Press lauds Tourism’s work to get 5.0M tourists in 2014

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Tourism Press Association (ADOMPRETUR) president Osvaldo Soriano on Friday lauded Tourism minister Francisco Javier García’s efforts for the country to set the record of more than 5.0 million tourists who arrived in 2014, which in his view resulted from the crucial aggressive official promotion.

He said the Tourism Ministry’s international promotion led to a 9.6 percent growth during the period, the highest since 2009. “It’s a challenge ADOMPRETUR supports to consolidate the country’s leadership as a Caribbean tourist destination and the 2015 growth forecast reiterates this challenge.”

Soriano said the arrival of 5.14 million non-resident tourists in 2014 is evidence that the country will successfully achieve García’s projection of 6.0 million visitors this year.

"This rapid growth is due to the integration of public and private sectors to promote the tourist destinations and the Tourism Ministry’s work,” Soriano said, adding that more funds are needed for promotion, to retain that leadership Dominican Republic in major markets.

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