Local January 28, 2015 | 7:53 am

Immigration chief slams NGOs which ‘profit from other’s drama’

Santo Domingo.- Immigration Agency director José R. Taveras on Tuesday slammed those who say the National Plan Regularize Foreigners has "failed," such as the NGOs he affirms get "funds to live off other’s drama."

"Those who speak of failure are, firstly, NGOs living off -not all- others’ drama. The Plan is now six months old, we see them sticking out their head and saying that the plan is a failure. But they have been quiet during more than six months without spending one peso to help Haitian citizens to get their documents," the official said.

Quoted by outlet elcaribe.com.do, Taveras said the Government has spent RD$1.0 billion on the Plan, opening 24 offices for beneficiaries, given facilities for Haiti’s government to open its documentation center in the country and has conducted an extensive ad campaign. "What de the NGOs want? They want the drama to be permanent, to continue to generate headlines and raise funds for them to live off and profit from others’ drama."

Taveras called the National Reorganization Plan a success and highlighted all the facilities it, in particular, has had. "To make a draft, we study the regularization schemes worldwide and no one has been free.

“We’re the only country that has set forth a plan free of charge. I challenge any authority in the world to compare the facilities of our Plan with any other and say whether the State has provided real facilities or not," he said.

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