Local January 28, 2015 | 1:25 pm

Travesias, Reef Check promote dining on invasive lionfish

Santo Domingo.- The restaurant Travesias and Reef Check Dominican Republic launched "Lionfish Week" to continue to innovate its gastronomic offer and promote the consumption of the invasive species that threatens Dominican Republic’s marine ecosystems.

With the motto "Eat a Lion at Travesias" diners can sample until next Sunday a four-entrée menu with lionfish as the main ingredient at midday and evening, with wines, since its meat is considered among the sea’s noblest and most exquisite.

The cocktail to kick off "Lionfish Week " featured a mannequin propped at the restaurant entrance with a costume inspired by the fishm of the designers Leonel Lirio and Luis Rivas for Dhio Moreno, in the Miss Dominican Republic Universe pageant, and will be on exhibit until Sunday.

Travesias proprietors executive chef Ines Paez (Chef Tita) and Francisco Lluberes said the expect the promotion will encourage divers to catch and cook lionfish.

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