Local January 29, 2015 | 7:45 am

Dominican Republic becomes a ‘state of wellbeing’

Heredia, Costa Rica.- President Danilo Medina on Wednesday said corruption and the daily malicious practices undermine efficiency and public confidence in their leaders, and hinder the possibilities of forging the partnerships the state and society need, to build models of inclusive development to democratize prosperity.

"That trust in public institutions is the indispensable base for achieving our goals; but will only be possible if we open the doors to public scrutiny," Medina said in his speech at the summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).

He said transparency and accountability aren’t obstacles for rulers, and on the contrary, are the guarantee of good governance and the "key tool for our work."

Medina said governments must take the first step to renew “the hope of our people and of our societies throughout the region, strengthen their faith in institutions," so they can count on their determination to travel that route.

State of wellbeing

Medina said the 4% of GDP allocated to education, the implementation of the Emergency System 911 and the incorporation of hundreds of thousands of people to the family health insurance each year mark the start of a state of wellbeing in the Dominican Republic, and the basis of equal opportunities for all. "We have also repealed any service fees to serve the poor at public hospitals free of charge."

"To wait for wealth to trickle down is not enough. We know that it’s imperative to bring quality public services to all strata of society, give them education, health, and protection, to ensure a basis of equal opportunity and social justice," the chief executive said in the conclave which concludes today.

He said he’s convinced that no other forum brings together the interests and values of our peoples such as the CELAC, and offered Dominican Republic for next year’s summit, noting that his country can contribute to the integration of Latin America and the Caribbean.

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