Local January 30, 2015 | 8:42 am

War on din: Officials trash nearly 1,000 seized stereos

Santo Domingo.- Justice minister Francisco Dominguez and Police chief Manuel Castro headed the destruction nearly 1,000 stereos seized in Greater Santo Domingo for excessive din.

Dominguez called the destruction of the equipment a symbolic act, because the authorities have over 10,000 in storage, to be gradually destroyed every month.

He said the action complies with Law 287-4 which specifies the hours and decibels allowed. "Just like we incinerate drugs very month, we’ll destroy loudspeakers regardless of quality, because no one has the right to take away the peace and tranquility of others."

Castro meanwhile said since the 9-1-1 system started operations the confiscations were resumed, to support citizens who complain of excessive noise.

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