Local February 2, 2015 | 9:53 am

‘Old scalawags,’ politico who faces charges calls ex companions

Santiago.- The head of the minority pro-government PRSC party on Sunday said the political organization is on the right track, because the exit of some "old scalawags" will bring in a trove of young people ready and able to change the country’s destiny.

Federico Antun’s (Quique) statement comes just days after the resignation of PRSC stalwart and senator Amable Aristy. He said "politics isn’t for scalawags, cheats or merchants, but to serve their fellow citizens."

The veteran politico, who faces charges of embezzling millions as current head of the National Housing Bank (BNV), said politics should be transparent and a dedication to service," not as an instrument to do business."

Antun spoke in a PRSC rally accompanied by senior leaders in the province, including former Santiago mayor Jose Enrique Sued, who has also been charged with embezzlement.

He said the party has to create leaders "who identify with our principles and our values."

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