Local February 2, 2015 | 12:01 pm

TV commentators denounce death threats from ‘nationalists’

Santo Domingo.- TV commentators Huchi Lora, Juan Bolivar Diaz, Roberto Cavada and Amelia Dechamps on Monday denounced constant death threats from a group called "the nationalists."

In a press conference at Dominican Journalists Guild (CPD) headquarters, Lora said the group uses phrases such as "the first dead will be the journalists."

He said Dechamps entered a supermarket on 27 de Febrero Av. on January 16, where a man yelled the same words and threatened her saying, "you are the first which must be put down, traitor, and then Huchi and Juan Bolivar, they’re all traitors."

He said all threats received with the same message and expressions, for which he discarded a coincidence.

Lora said more than a year ago the owner of the RB Advertising agency went to El Caribe printers to print one million flyers, at a cost of RD$390,000, which featured caricatures of Diaz and Lora in collusion with Haiti president Martelly, to hurt Dominican Republic.

He said the flyers had the same expression, "traitors" and also "death to traitors.”

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