Local February 4, 2015 | 3:28 pm

Death threats to Dominican journalists worry Amnesty

Santo Domingo.- Amnesty International on Wednesday expressed concern for the death threats and harassment of four journalists for their stance favoring Haitian migrants, in the heels of heated dispute over the so-called “peaceful invasion” of the Dominican Republic by citizens of its Hispaniola neighbor.

Journalists Juan Bolivar Diaz, Huchi Lora, Amelia Deschamps and Roberto Cavada recently denounce the alleged threats and harassment, including the latter’s incident in a supermarket where an unidentified man shouted that all traitors will be “put down,” starting with journalists.

Amnesty also cited a hate-charged televised speech which a man said traitors deserve death and named Diaz and Lora as an example of alleged treason.

The global organization also noted the presence of leaflets with caricatures of Diaz and Lora, calling them "traitors" and stating "Death to traitors.”

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