Local February 5, 2015 | 8:38 am

Jail sought for senator ‘embezzled’ US$100.0M+

Santo Domingo.- The prosecution on Wednesday asked a Supreme Court Instruction judge for pretrial detention against senator Felix Bautista and six others, charged with embezzling more than US$100.0 million.

Assistant DA Carlos Castillo asked judge Alejandro Moscoso to order the arrest of the group citing flight risk, as the only measure to guarantee the presence of Bautista, Soraida Abreu Martínez, José Elías Hernández García, Antonio Bolivar Ventura, Carlos Manuel Ozoria, Apolinar Bienvenido Breton and Gricel Aracelis Soler in the proceedings.

Castillo said the defendants headed by the senator for San Juan province moved more than RD$25.0 billion, own 75 luxury properties across the Dominican Republic including condos and lots in the Metro Country Club, an aircraft and four asphalt plants, each valued at US$33.0 million, among other companies.

However the Senator’s defense headed by Marino Felix Rodriguez argues that contrary to the prosecution’s claim of embezzlement and money laundering, it has failed to specify amounts, for failing to produce the Accounts Chamber audit as proof.

He said on the contrary, the audit concluded in 2013 and sent to the Office of the Prosecutor and filed at the Justice Ministry since February 7, 2013, found no evidence of a crime attributable by Bautista and therefore no embezzlement.


The prosecution listed the following companies allegedly owned by Bautista and codefendants: Consorcio Hemisferio Iimperial S.R.L., Inmobiliaria Juviles S.R.L., Diseños y Presupuestos de Edificaciones y Carreteras con Alta Tecnología (DIPRECALT), Colorín S.R.L., Construcciones y Diseños RMN, Constructora Imperial and Constructora y Proyectos Nacionales S.A (COPRONASA), among others.

Castillo also submitted as evidence a list with radio stations and frequency allegedly owned by Bautista: Audio Master, S.R.L., Premium 101.1

Perla 106.7

Enlace 456.225 MHz.

Radio Cadena Hispanoamericana S. R.L.:

97.7 FM (Radio Guía)

89.5 MHz (Radio Manantial)

89.7 MHz (Radio Maravillosa) y

102.3 MHz (Radio Suspiro).

Rumba S.R.: Rumba 98.5 FM, 98.50 MHz and

Primor, S.R.L., Frequency 93.7 MHz.

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