Local February 5, 2015 | 11:16 am

The country’s violent ‘owners’ turn on themselves

Santo Domingo.- Pedro Brand councilman Erison de los Santos Solis (Ney) heads a network of killers-for-hire and contracted traffickers to whisk his associate, a National Police sergeant out of the country to Venezuela, said National Police chief Manuel Castro and National District prosecutor Yeni Berenice Reynoso on Thursday

The revelation into the murders adds to the lawlessness attributed to unions of bus drivers and proprietors, locally known as ‘the country’s owners” for their frequent and violent strikes, and which instill fear on the Dominican Government.

They said the opposition PRD party councilman was also preparing the escape of another Police sergeant, as uncovered in the investigation into the murder of five drivers of a transport union.

De los Santos, being held in jail at the Ciudad Nueva courthouse, “also hired Sgt. Amaury Cabrera Martínez, who managed to get Sgt Felix de Jesus Lora (El Pelotero) out of the country on January 22, and is now a fugitive.”

In a press conference the officials said the ring took part in murders stemming from disputes among unionized drivers over control of passenger routes, charged protection, stole lands and laundered money charges.

The said Police and National District officials widen the investigation to determine if others are involved in the murders and other crimes across the country.

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