Local February 9, 2015 | 4:29 pm

Drug kingpin; I gave ex President dirty money: eldia.com.do

Santo Domingo.- Former Army captain Quirino Paulino, one of the country’s most notorious drug traffickers, on Monday reiterated that he funded the Global Democracy and Development Foundation (FUNGLODE), founded by former president Leonel Fernández, “providing more than seven million pesos.”

Quoted by eldia.com.do, Paulino said the former President and current head of the Dominican Republic’s ruling party (PLD), received money for FUNGLODE and his political campaign from 2002 to 2004, and knew it came from drug trafficking. “Leonel is irresponsible, he knew who I was and knew that the money I was giving to his campaign was dirty money.”

The ex convict, interviewed on the program Hilando Fino of the journalist Salvador Holguín, said he’s willing to take any polygraph test to prove who’s telling the truth, if he or Fernandez. “Leonel is more of a criminal than me because he accepted drug money.”

Paulino affirmed that the FUNGLODE power plant was his gift for president Fernandez and cost nearly US$200,000.

The “Don,” as Paulino is known confirmed the veracity of the letter revealed by Holguin and provided details of the negotiations with the former President.

He said the letter he sent to Fernandez is real and that the president owes him around 200 million pesos that were used on the presidential campaign.

Paulino said he sent RD$10 million to Fernandez in May17, 2004, delivered by his son to the office of the gift store owner Margarita Gomez. “Leonel came to power because of me; I supported him with drug money during four years.”

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