Local February 9, 2015 | 8:49 am

Meeting of once powerful party ends in brawl

Santo Domingo.- The once powerful conservative party (PRSC) on Sunday announced its neutrality in possible reelection bid by president Danilo Medina, amid a brawl which left one of its leaders with a bloody face.

Tony Balaguer was beaten by colleagues after he demanded the resignation of PRSC president Federico Antun (Quique) and general secretary Ramon Rogelio Genao

The melee was unleashed after Antun threatened to make revelations about Balaguer if he continued his demand for the PRSC leadership to step down.

During the meeting at PRSC headquarters, Genao said the party will not take part in the efforts to amend the Constitution and pave the way for Medina’s reelection bid.

"The PRSC party also decided to reiterate its position to not get involved in the efforts to restore the presidential election and in the internal processes of other parties. We won’t be the tractor which opens the trail, or the stone on the road, we have no candle in this burial," Genao said after the meeting.

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