Local February 10, 2015 | 9:51 am

Former president downplays unfavorable Gallup poll

Santo Domingo,- Former president Hipolito Mejia on Monday downplayed the recent Gallup poll which puts him behind the leaders at 17% of the votes, even below Guillermo Moreno of the minority Al-Pais party.

Mejia, presidential hopeful for the recently formed PRM party, said he makes his own surveys and that he doesn’t need to join other hopefuls to return to office."That’s not the only one which will appear in the next 60 days, 20 surveys, just like the one called Asisa, or Asiso, but that’s a lot of malarkey, much malarkey and much manipulation."

Mejia, interviewed when conveying his condolences to relatives of deceased union leader Ramón Pérez Figuereo, declined giving details on the convention to choose the PRM’s presidential candidate.

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