Local February 11, 2015 | 12:55 pm

Bank scandal: Spanish drug trafficker hobnobs Dominican politicos: Acento

Santo Domingo.-The movements in Dominican Republic by drug trafficker Arturo del Tiempo Marques, currently serving time in a Spanish prison, have taken center stage in Spain’s media, especially TV news programs which opened Wednesday morning’s broadcasts.

Outlet acento.com.do reports that the case has resurged in the heels of the scandal of List Falciani, which revealed major HSBC bank accounts in Geneva, Switzerland, listing Arturo del Tiempo, and figures as a "Dominican businessman" despite being Spanish.

La Sexta newscast as well as its site Sexta.com featured Del Tiempo’s presence in Dominican Republic and the privileges enjoyed, even obtaining the rank of Colonel in the Dominican National Police.

It also stressed his influence with the political elite at the time, especially then president Leonel Fernández, to obtain facilities for his real estate ventures.

The media also list the drug trafficker Jose Mestre and his brothers.

In the interview, Fernandez seems to explain how people linked to organized crime pose as honest entrepreneurs. It also quotes a comment voiced in Nuria Piera’s investigative journalism program, as well as by the outlet Acento.com.do.

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