Local February 12, 2015 | 10:21 am

Rizek, Helados Bon present: Cocoa+macadamia=Chocodamia

Santo Domingo.- The Rizek group and the ice cream giant Helados Bon foresaw a significant jump in demand and local production of cocoa and macadamia, for which the companies forged an alliance to introduce a new product, Chocodamia.

The presentation headed by Rizek executive vice president Héctor José Rizek Sued and Helados Bon board member Jesus Moreno lauded the support from growers in Bonao, La Vega, San Francisco and other north region rural areas, to support the thousands of families which cultivate the macadamia nut and cacao beans in those areas.

In his keynote speech of the event held at the Rizek group’s Kah Kow gourmet chocolatiers in Blue Mall plaza, strategy and business development vice president Massimiliano Wax said Dominican Republic’s cacao and macadamia are highly regarded in foreign markets, especially Europe.

In that regard, Helados Bon marketing manager Roberto Caraballo said Chocodamia joins their Black Label class, created in collaboration with the macadamia marketer, La Loma.

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